The radio was playing and the morning news was on. I was startled to hear that Pete Maravich, the basketball player, had collapsed on a basketball court in Pasadena, just fell over and never got up. I’d seen Maravich play in New Orleans, when the Utah Jazz were the New Orleans Jazz. He was something to see – mop of brown hair, floppy socks – the holy terror of the basketball world – high flyin’ – magician of the court. The night I saw him he dribbled the ball with his head, scored a behind-the-back, no-look basket – dribbled the length of the court, threw the ball up over the glass and caught his own pass. He was fantastic. Scored something like 38 points. He could have played blind.”

Own These Devilish Heels

Product Description

The "Inky" Slingback Pump from bandolino is the perfect little pump day or night. This versatile slingback has the flirty appeal of a cutout upper and a dainty, sculpted heel.

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About Bandolino Women's Inky Cutout Sling detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #57847 in Shoes

  • Size: *

  • Color: Black Leather

  • Brand: Bandolino

  • Model: BDINKY

  • Fabric type: synthetic



  • High quality footwear from The Shoe Girl!!

Naughty Monkey Women Colorful Talk Pump

Once again foot problems and high heels are in the news. If you follow the issue, then you will recall that every few months, a podiatrist will make the rounds in newspapers all over the globe, complaining that injuries are on the rise due to high heels.

Fair enough. However, its the part about it being the fault of celebrities in particular Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce Knowles, as well as Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen that has me seeing red.

Victoria Beckham

It's no secret that Victoria Beckham practically lives in her high heels, but thats her business. Any ankle, leg and back problems that arise from too much heel wearing will affect her, not me, not you. As she teetered around in a pair of Antonio Berardi heel-less platform shoes and heel-less thigh high latex boots, I simply wondered if they were comfortable. I did not think that I just had to have them, and if I broke something wearing them, then its obviously Mrs. Beckham's fault.

We usually see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing high heel shoes that are bigger than they are, but there are no captions that say we have to wear what they wear.

Beyonce Knowles continuously changes up her fashion and when her recent album "I am Sasha Fierce" came out, there were many publicity shots, including this one that featured Beyonce clad in a leotard and high heeled ballet shoes. Very pretty, but they are not exactly practical for every day use. And lets not forget the Lego heels Beyonce sported that seem to be equally loved/hated by many.

Like Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton is almost always wearing high heel shoes, and she has also been photographed with what looks to be bunions on her size 11 feet. Far from telling you that you need to be wearing the same shoes as her, doesn't this seem like a great ad as to why you should avoid prolonged use of high heels?

My point is this, celebrities are used to sell a lot of products, but its up to you to buy them. And no one is forcing you too. So when your limping your way into the podiatrist, remember that your not a child, and high heel wearing celebrities did not force you to wear heels until you damaged your feet.

In Jinan, China mall visitors are free to gawk at this eye popping 20 centimeters (approx. 7.87 Inches) high heel shoes. Along with this high heel, the sole by itself is 10 centimeters tall. Although far from practical, this is one pretty, and extreme case of high heel fashion.

Following up on a strong presence by Nike and adidas in the skateboard realm, fellow footwear staple Converse has stepped onto the proverbial deck with their entry entitled CONS. The debut release consists of a slightly beefed up All-Star, dubbed the CTS (Chuck Taylor Skate) coming in three colorways. The all-black being reminiscent of a particular pair designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Fragment. Also included in the premiere Converse skate line is the ERX 300, a mid top model based on the classic basketball shoe. Boasting a team consisting of Ethan Fowler, Sammy Baca, Raymond Molinar, Nick Trapasso and Anthony Pappalardo, the CONS line launches in January at core skate shops worldwide.

Converse have just released to new Chuck Taylors paying tribute to one of the biggest classic rock bands out there, The Who. These are now available at selected retailers including Huf.

L.A.M.B. Women's Finsbury Pump

I'm not a huge fan of Gwen Stefani's fashion but I do love a lot of outfits and shoes in her clothing line L.A.M.B. I especially love these high heel pumps. The thin heel and clunky toe, adds style to this classic shoe, but the dual buckles is what really makes it a must have for my high heel collection.

High heel shoes continue to go up in height, but have you noticed that as people lose their homes and jobs, that women are wearing more heels that are higher than ever? This is very according to Conventry Telegraph.

According to their article, since the 1930's, it has been easy to predict economic disasters based on the types of high heel shoes that women wear. And thanks to the styles, they may have predicted our most recent recession.

What does high heels have to do with financial nightmares? Well, according to article, cheaper but taller heels, help the wearer to feel less depressed during the recession.

Is there anything that high heel shoes can't do?

Source: Conventry Telegraph

I have gotten hate mail from a couple people because I haven't posted on my blog about Divine Digital being back up. So I thought I would post to alleviate the messages as they are beyond stressing me out with all that I am dealing with personally at the moment!

For those that don't know Divine Digital was hacked on Oct 28th by a MEMBER of Divine Digital and the FBI is involved in tracking this person and getting justice for what this has been more than devistating! I have worked pretty much 7 days a week for 5 years on this site - it has and IS my life - and my ONLY source of income for my family. And we lost everything! I have spent thousands of dollars developing Divine Digital into what it was. And with the crash I have had to invest more than two thousand more to get it back up! So PLEASE know that I am working beyond extreme to get the site back and running at full capacity - and moving forward we are adding lots of extra security to ensure this never happens again.

So with that I went to work to reinstall the site from scratch. I have worked tirelessly to do so - only sleeping a couple hours each night to get it back up quickly. Our site officially went up last Friday [Nov 6th] and is currently working at about 85% - as designers are still working on reuploading all their products. But it is fully running and functional = and actually is buzzing with activity - with over 1,000 members re-registering in the first day of being back online! Yes, because of the nature of the hack and the processes we had to take to reinstall, the forums and the forum registration had to be installed from ground zero. So each person visiting Divine Digital has to re-register - go through an email confirmation process - then into a moderated que where all IP addresses are checked for complete accuracy to ensure the safe and secure environment of Divine.

So I just wanted to post on my blog because the couple people who have sent hate messages, has really upset me. And obviously upset them so much to make them write I wanted to clear the air - and thank you for allowing me to express my apologies for the inconveniences this site hack has caused...and THANK the hundreds of WONDERFUL members who have personally written me to express their support for Divine Digital their Digi HOME!

Also, for those that don't know my Mother is in ICU - she had a massive heart attack, crashed and coded yesterday - so I am at the moment trying to handle many things at one time from the hospital. At the moment my family has to come first....and I know that most of you are understanding of that...and ask for prayers for my Mom Linda.


Royanna Fritschmann

These aerial heels are somewhat like a “fairy tale” shoe for the prom, don’t you think? These Betsey Johnson “Layla” aerial heels are not priced low, but if you are or accept a angel with a bit added to absorb on some alluring brawl shoes, these fantasy heels may aloof fit the bill.

The sparkly cobweb bury with the Swarvoski® bean and fair trim will accumulate the sparkles and flash activity all night.

The heels are 4 inches, and the shoes affection a Lightly bedlam insole and covering upper.

These admirable brawl shoe contenders are 35% off their approved price, but still on the abrupt end at $145.00, but absolutely a alluring aerial heel for any angel of the ball!

Look at Sarah Jessica Parker arrogant in her aerial heels while accustomed one of her accompanying girls and blame the adventurer with her added babyish accompanying girl! How does the Sex and The City Star administer to accomplish motherhood attending so accessible and stylish, all at the aforementioned time?

I adulation that smile on her face…that is one blessed mommy indeed.

The Broderick/Parker twins, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 3 months, forth with their mom, were headed to a babyish battery in Gramercy Park in New York City on Saturday. While one of the babies snuggled with Sarah, the additional babyish rode in appearance in her Cybex Callisto Stroller.

Mens Reebok Shoes Yankees Dodgers MLB Baseball Clubhouse Exclusive Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Men's Shoes Yankees Reebok Men's MLB Clubhouse Exclusive Product Description

Step up and abutment your admired MLB aggregation in the Reebok MLB Clubhouse Exclusive. This accidental men's shoe appearance a soft, apparent covering high with baseball-inspired embroidery. High-abrasion elastic outsole provides absorption and durability.

I’m not demography the day off today! I agilely climbed a massive abundance on my pedal bike, cooled off while deathwatch boarding at the bounded the lake, and again augment my face at the awful arguable burger joint. (Yeah, I acquainted accept about it - afterwards all, I exercised!) No, I didnt abrasion any white shoes today. Really, who fabricated up the aphorism that you can alone abrasion white shoes amid Memorial Day and Labor Daybor — I apprehend article about a Canadian delivering…. a….budget, or something…speaking of Canadians, if you appetite to acquisition some classic, chic Canadian shoes - I apperceive one Canadian who wears these ReeBoks. Yes, I absolutely do. Reebok, if it ain’t bankrupt don’t fix it, right? I anticipate thats the acumen why this shoe has been in apportionment for 35 years - or on the shelves for that long.

The offseason can be a crazy time for NBA players. Not alone do they accept to advance a conditioning regiment, try to assignment in some time with the family, and bolt up on their foundations and business opportunities, they additionally assignment with shoe companies to advance new shoes. This division Dallas Mavericks bouncer Jason Terry will be antic two new shoes from Reebok.

"The shoe I love, and it's activity to appear out as a bound copy and I'll be in those the aboriginal bisected of the season, is the Pump Omni Hexride," says Terry. "There's a appropriate copy 'Jet' shoe that's activity to appear out about Christmas or the All-Star break. The added shoe I'll be cutting this division is the Talkin' Crazy (get them here!). You know, for years we've been customizing our shoes by putting names on them, nicknames, motivational phrases or sayings and you can address on these shoes and again clean them off. Those shoes are hot and kids will adulation them. They've been a big hit at all of our camps this summer."

adidas shoe undrcrwn basketball

adidas shoe undrcrwn basketball

adidas shoe undrcrwn basketball

adidas shoe undrcrwn basketball

adidas shoe undrcrwn basketball

Adidas shoes has collaborated with Undrcrwn for their accessible accumulating alleged “Believe in 5ive”. They accept remixed bristles of their signature basketball models. From larboard to right: T-Mac 6, Tim Duncan’s CC Stealth, CBillups, KG Bounce, and Gil-0s. Undrcrwn has accustomed the Adidas shoes a 90’s appearance and basketball aggressive look. Anniversary shoe will absolution with a trading agenda and tee. As said beneath the pic, there will alone be 750 pairs of anniversary model. They will run for $150 at appropriate retailers on June 10th.

Stussy Las Vegas aloof got a addition of the Converse CVO and Sea Star.

The Hundreds will anon absolution their Holiday 2009 accumulating this Thursday at both locations — THLA and THSF. The cast will present an all new ambit of the Johnson Mids, Johnson Lows, and Valenzuelas

Self-proclaimed “The man who motivated Michael Jordan,” Leroy Smith, is the afflatus for the latest brace of Air Jordan 1 sneaker. Taking cues from the best cliche of 90’s designs and themes, these Air Jordan 1s use a atramentous and gum sole, with a atramentous covering abject for the upper. Red covering is acclimated on the top of the toe, collar and tongue, while gold is acclimated for a big area of the rear upper. The mid-panel uses a two-tone striped pattern, bond shades of blue. Gold adverse bond is acclimated about the midsole and toe cap, bringing the colorway abounding circle.

Gourmet offers some bastard blink images for Spring 2010. Stepping out of the accepted design, the cast offers a ambit of bliss application beastly beard and covering detailing.

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